4 Pillars Playbook Creating Interactive eLearning Instructional Designs
eBook by Allen Interactions

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Learning can and should be fun! Your learners are adults with jobs but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be entertained, challenged, or engaged!

But your corporate training demands results, often documenting compliance, in critical areas requiring lasting performance change. Just because you are choosing a digital platform, your training program still needs to mean business.

All elearning interactions are not equal in terms of how well they facilitate learning. This playbook explores this complexity and also establishes some straightforward insights into how to best integrate CCAF thinking into your own digital learning design process.

In this ebook you’ll gain:
  • 4 essential pillars of transformative learner-experienced design
  • Tips and insights for designing engaging Contexts, motivated Challenges, appropriate Activities, and instructional Feedback with interactive designs
  • Real-life digital learning solutions from a variety of organizations that have applied the 4 pillars

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