How to Create Culturally-aware eLearning for Global Audiences
eBook by Gomo Learning

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The more relevant and relatable a piece of eLearning is to the learner, the more effective it’s going to be. But are you sure that your eLearning remains both relevant and relatable when it’s read by colleagues in another part of the world, or in another language?

Creating eLearning for global audiences isn’t just about making the content available in the languages in use at your organization—though that’s obviously important! It requires an extra layer of course planning to ensure that those ‘relevant and relatable’ boxes remain ticked.

Download the eBook to discover:

  • How the right localization process will lead you to more engaging results
  • Key language issues that even non-speakers should understand
  • The importance of having imagery that reflects familiar public spaces and local customs
  • The implications of different cultural preferences such as uncertainty avoidance and power distance index
  • How to better use language selection, display conditions, collaboration tools, and other key features to build better courses

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