How to Find and Close Your Organization's Skill Gaps

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Although addressing employee skill gaps has been a business challenge for years, many organizations have begun prioritizing upskilling and reskilling efforts in 2021. The challenges of remote work, along with unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety, have caused organizations to shift energy and efforts into developing their internal talent and ensuring their employees have the tools, skills, and resources they need to navigate this new world of work.

To help direct reskilling and upskilling efforts, it's important to get an understanding of where gaps exist and how they impact your organization. For example, are remote workers struggling with new software that impacts their productivity? Does the customer service team need additional training in problem solving to handle customer complaints? Are recruiters struggling to find a candidate so a position sits open? Could middle managers use more training on how to have well-being conversations to help reduce turnover? 

Once you know where skill gaps exist, you can take meaningful action to upskill and reskill your workforce. In this eBook, you'll learn strategies you can use to identify and address skill gaps in your organization. 

You'll also learn: 
  • How to use a formal assessment to identify gaps 
  • Best practices for closing skill gaps 
  • Ways your hiring practices could be contributing to gaps (plus how to fix them!)

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