The Ultimate Buyers Guide

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With a large percentage of the workforce now working remotely indefinitely, many organizations are tasked with moving essential operations online, including training. Of course you can't just stop compliance training, and for most organizations classroom training isn't an option right now. Plus, your employees are facing new situations, and need resources at their fingertips to help them navigate these new challenges.

Online learning is the solution, but there are so many elements to consider and compare. Do you need a certain functionality or would another work better? What should you do about content? And what about customer service? It can feel overwhelming.

A great place to start when looking for an online learning solution is to consider your organization's goals. Maybe you want to reduce safety incidents by 40%, or increase the number of internal promotions, or launch a mental health initiative.

In this ebook, we'll guide you through the buying process and help you select a solution that aligns with your goals. You'll learn: -Learning solution non-negotiables -How to evaluate training content, providers, and your content needs -Key characteristics of vendors versus partners -How online learning can improve business results

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