How Richardson Has Transformed the Game for Sales Training

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Richardson, a global sales training company, had a problem: their eLearning modules, which were once considered state-of-the-art, had grown outdated. They needed to improve their sales training program fast to address their biggest challenges:
  • Effectively engaging their learners with a new approach
  • Delivering a unique, scalable training solution
  • Administering a seamless go-to-market rollout of an overhauled training program
How did Richardson quickly overcome these challenges and deliver a game-changing training solution?
By using a modern, configurable online learning platform.

In this case study you'll learn how to:
  • Deliver a consistent, intuitive, and clean learner experience at a global scale
  • Leverage blended learning and robust analytics to create a more impactful training program
  • Transform existing training and education experiences for learners, resulting in new levels of efficiency, engagement, and success

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