Delivering Training to a Dispersed and Virtual Workforce

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COVID-19 forced many organizations to transition to remote work in just a few days. But now that many employees have been working remotely for weeks, employers are beginning to realize the benefits of remote work, and many organizations will continue working remotely at least part of the time. Even though your teams might not be in the office, you still need to train your workforce on compliance topics like appropriate behavior or how to stay safe online. And because employees are encountering new challenges, you might also want to consider offering training on other topics, like productivity, effective remote leadership, software, and communication. The good news is that you can do all of this with online employee training. Now more than ever, it's important to make tools and resources readily available for your employees, no matter where they are.

In this infographic, you'll learn how you can deliver a consistent and seamless training experience to your dispersed and virtual workforce.

You'll also learn:
  • Tips for sourcing content
  • When to create your own content
  • How to maximize training effectiveness
  • The most impactful delivery methods

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