Skill Building: Training the Workforce of Tomorrow

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The skills needed to succeed on the job are changing at an unprecedented pace. Reports say that skills learned today remain relevant for an average of only five years. Consequently, Learning and Development (L&D) professionals must train today's employees for the skills that will be needed tomorrow-even when those skills haven't yet been identified or, in some cases, created.

Training employees for skills that haven't been invented yet is no easy task. So how can L&D upskill everyone from entry-level employees to senior management for an unforeseeable, quickly changing future?

To do this, L&D first must identify:
  • A framework for building future skills
  • The most-needed emerging skills
  • Capabilities for success, regardless of the skill set

In this white paper, Training Top 10 Hall of Fame members explore these  challenges and detail how they are responding to future-proof their organizations, particularly in the wake of the Coronavirus and beyond.

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