Strategic HR: Integrating Data and Applications for Business Advantage

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2013 Integrated Talent Management Survey Results

Two different divisions trip over each other, recruiting the same candidate. A consulting firm is unable to meet staffing needs for a new, tightly scheduled project. An organization doesn’t have a clear picture of up-and-coming leadership for succession planning. A business merging with another company can’t easily identify overlap of staff skills. Sound familiar? All of these scenarios point to poor integration of HR solutions. At SilkRoad, we feel this topic is so important that we surveyed 380 HR professionals on their integrated talent management systems and processes. We've compiled those results into a comprehensive (and complimentary!) report.

This report highlights the survey results and explores the most pressing questions confronting talent management professionals, including:

  • How truly integrated are talent management functions in organizations?
  • What are the most common talent management functions that companies integrate?
  • What are the biggest pain points organizations experience due to lack of integration?
  • What kind of data do professionals want, but can’t access?
  • Big Data: What is it and are talent management professionals planning to use it?
  • How important is “social” talent management to professionals, and what do they see as its greatest application?
  • Are companies enabling mobile access to their HR data?