Interactive 24/7 Content: Why Online Presentations Belong In Every Digital Content Strategy

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It’s a debate that’s raging throughout the digital content world, from content marketers to eLearning professionals:

“What is the ideal online medium for conveying my message?”

The contenders? A flurry of tactics, ranging from ebooks to white papers to webinars to blogs to infographics to social media. Each has its own
strengths and weaknesses. Each has gained favor in segments of the marketing and eLearning worlds.

Conscious of the weaknesses of these alternatives, content creators continue to seek new and more effective media for their messages. Ask them to describe an ideal medium, and you’ll hear something like this:

  • It would be up-to-date, like a live webinar
  • It would be multisensory, like a video
  • It would be navigable, like a white paper or e-book
  • It would be actionable and trackable, like a landing page
  • It would be interactive, like a website
  • It would be sharable, like a social update
  • It would be deeply engaging, like a video game
  • It would be searchable and discoverable, like a blog
  • It would be simple to follow, like a slideshow

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