Learning Science for L&D

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There's a lot that goes into developing and delivering a training program. For starters, you have to get buy-in, and then you have to determine what methods to use, what topics to train on, and who should be involved in training. So how do you go about presenting your case and making these decisions?

Just trying to determine which methods will be most effective can be an overwhelming task on its own. You don't have endless hours to research or weigh the pros and cons of every modality, but training is too much of an investment to guess what works. Instead, following best practices and using facts and data will help you build and deliver a strong and effective training program.

In this ebook, you'll learn compelling facts and figures to help you make your case, focus your initiatives, and maximize your training efforts. You'll also learn:
  • Why training is linked to higher profitability
  • Specific examples of the most effective ways to deliver training
  • How to use multiple modalities to maximize your training efforts
  • Ways to beat the forgetting curve and boost learning retention

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