Developing the Coaching Skills of Your Managers and Leaders

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Employers are beginning to realize the vital role that feedback plays in employee development. In an effort to provide more meaningful feedback, many organizations are moving away from traditional yearly performance reviews in favor of ongoing coaching conversations.

When managers act as coaches, they provide employees with timely and specific feedback that helps them grow and develop continuously. Ongoing coaching allows employees to correct or continue behaviors on a regular basis, instead of leaving them wondering what they should have done differently to receive a five instead of a four on their yearly review.

Developing the coaching skills of your managers and leaders will give them the tools they need to deliver feedback and create real change in their employees and the organization. It won't happen overnight, but developing your managers' coaching skills is a worthwhile endeavor that can help reduce turnover, improve employee engagement and performance, drive business results, and move your organization forward.

In this ebook, your managers will learn about popular coaching methods and have a chance to work through prompts to help them identify areas of improvement. They'll also learn:
  • Why coaching skills are important
  • Key competencies for effective coaching
  • The coaching formula that helps improve performance

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