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Like many organizations, Consumers Credit Union was struggling to make their employee training program approachable, convenient, engaging, and affordable.

Employees struggled to fit training into their day. The nature of their work made it difficult for them to plan to attend long training sessions, so they knew they needed to find a solution that would allow their employees to take training when their schedules allowed.

They also wanted to be sure that when their employees did have time for training that the training was engaging and effective. Consumers Credit Union found that BizLibrary's microlearning video library was the perfect solution. It allowed their employees to watch short, engaging videos in between customers or during downtime. Because the concepts are delivered in short, digestible pieces, employees not only retain more of what they learn, they are able to apply it right away.

Consumers Credit Union was able to see the results of their training initiatives across their organization. Not only did employee satisfaction improve, they saw an increase in their member rating and cut onboarding costs substantially. They also exceeded the industry standard satisfaction rating!

With the right planning and strategy, Consumers Credit Union was able to address challenges they faced in the areas of leadership, new managers, and sales. In this success story, you'll see the unique approach Consumers Credit Union took that made their program so successful. You'll also learn:
  • How Consumers Credit Union measures the success of their program
  • Specifics on the ROI of their training efforts
  • How BizLibrary's solution helped improve their performance review process

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