Practical EQ: A Handbook for Developing Emotional Intelligence

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Get a competitive edge by developing your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a fairly new concept, but it's quickly becoming a highly desirable trait for many employers. In a time when technology has allowed us to automate many processes, the ability to relate, empathize, and connect is more important than ever. There are several factors that make up emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship management. Taking time to improve each of these can set you and your organization apart.

Individuals with high EQ have stronger relationships in and out of the office, which can lead to higher job satisfaction and lower employee turnover rates. But strong relationships are just one benefit of high EQ. Employees with high EQ tend to have higher productivity and profitability rates, solid problem solving skills, and the ability to control their emotions during stressful situations. Not only do these traits make the workplace more enjoyable, they can also drive business results and keep the organization competitive.

Everyone has some degree of emotional intelligence, but there's always room for growth, especially as your role or circumstances change. This ebook has prompts and practices to help you improve your emotional intelligence.

You'll also learn:
  • Tips for becoming a more active listener 
  • How to have effective conversations
  • Ways to manage your emotions 
  • How developing your emotional intelligence improves business results

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