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Every job has its nuances. Every organization has its own customs and culture. Every employee, therefore, ends up with knowledge that no one else has. And that knowledge is not only rare but valuable.

Call it “unique knowledge.” It consists of everything an employee gains through specialized training and insider learning. Unique knowledge varies from organization to organization and from position to position. But it’s instrumental in tackling the complex problems and unexpected challenges that employees encounter at work more or less every day.

On the one hand, this is fantastic. We all have our areas of expertise, hard-earned and distinct.

On the other hand, it’s problematic. Most places of work don’t have a formal way of capturing unique knowledge and sharing it throughout the organization. So, more often than not, it remains stuck inside people’s heads. There are two big reasons to care about this. One is romantic: Knowledge is valuable, and it’s a shame to let good ideas go to waste. The other is practical: Unshared knowledge costs money.

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