Too Much eMail?

We know!  There are just too many great (and free!) things to tell everyone about at TrainingMagNetwork.  It's a lot of work and costly for us to let everyone know.  Yet, we have to send multiple emails about each event, white paper, etc.  because most people don't act until they see something for the 3rd, 4th or 5th time.  You should see the data.   Now, you could just ignore what you don't want to see, but there's another way.....

Good News for those Swimming in eMail
We've been working on a solution to the email problem for a long time.  Now, in January of 2021, we're making preparations to roll out eMail Personalization.  The new system has been built and we're in the final testing stages now.

In a couple of months (we hope), you'll be able to select which emails you want to see and which ones you don't.  If you don't want to learn anything about LMSs, you'll be able to de-select that from the topics you do want to know about.   You don't want any of the free infographics, eBooks or white papers?  Just un-check them.

This is a very specific and detailed process, so it takes quite a while for all the planning, which we're starting.  There's so much integration with so many aspects of TMN, our team is spending many hours on making sure we get this right for you.

So we ask for your patience for just a little longer.  When Ray Jimenez originally designed TrainingMagNetwork, we had no idea it would be so successful or that we'd need to meet the needs of over 170,000 members.  So give us just a little more time and we'll do our best to meet yours.

Thanks so much for your patience and participation in our community. 


Why don't you just send a weekly summary?
When we started - back in 2008 - that's what we did.  Then in 2016, we tried doing them again. 
But we got too many complaints:
  • "They're too long.  TMN is doing way too much to expect us to spend a half hour reading a summary from top to bottom!"
  • "Send me individual emails.  From the subject lines in my InBox I can easily see what I am and am not interested in."
Fyi, weekly summaries don't work.  Busy people only read emails whose subject lines resonate with them.  "This Week's Summary" won't draw 3,257 registrations like "A Masterclass in PowerPoint Design to Make Beautiful and Effective Presentations".  We need to be able to "fill the room".  A weekly summary is 80% less effective than an email dedicated to a single event.  When we're presenting free webinars that would cost $100-$200 to attend, most members feel the redundancy is worth a little pain.

BUT - we know you may not feel that way and you're important to us.  So we hope that "Personalization" will work for you.

Who's paying for this "personalization" project?
That's a great question.  It's a very expensive project, involving a number of people and many hours.  

First:  Not you.  We're not going to ask you to pay for it.  We'd have to charge you too much.  So, revenue from the webinar sponsors will have to pay for it.
See below for how that works.

Why is it important to get a lot of "fill the room"?
You already know that we work hard to get the VERY BEST presenters for you.  They love to present to TMN members because you are all such a great audience.  But it's a lot of work to put together these presentations.  Speakers don't want to invest a ton of time for a tiny little audience.  And it wouldn't be as enjoyable for you.  The sharing - the "social learning" - works best when a lot of people are sharing ideas and information.

And then there are the sponsors who pay for all this.  They want to get their message out to as many people as possible.

I've heard that if you reduce the number of emails you send, people will be more apt to read the ones remaining.
That's a very nice urban legend, but not at all true in our experience.  Every email we send will add 20% more registrations.  If we sent 10, we'd still get more registrations from an 11th.  But you'd kill us, so we hold it at 3 or 4, depending on the event.

But why do you have to send several invitations for the same event?   If you only sent two, it would cut our email load in half.
Good question!  For the same reason marketers know that you have to see a  TV commercial 11 times before you pay attention to it.  Not everyone registers the first time we send an invitation.  You don't buy a bottle of wine the first time you see it at Bev Mo.  

Here's a great example:  In March and April, we sent a total of four invitations out for a May 7 webinar.  By May 5 we had 545 registrations.  That's low, so we sent another out on May 6 and NINETY-FIVE more people registered who had not registered before!  The sponsor was happy and that made it worthwhile.  They'll be back to do another.

Another thing:  Every month, about 1500 - 2500 new members join TMN, so we send another invitation to catch them and - instead of sending it only to new members - unless all 130,000 members register, we know there are veteran members out there who need another reminder.  Gary V. is a fly fisherman and he wants to catch ALL the fish!

The Sponsor was happy?  Why is that important?
Just like for TV, magazines, websites, someone has to pay for all this.  In our case, the sponsors pay so that you don't have to.  It takes a lot of people to support TrainingMagNetwork and they all need to pay rent, buy food, fly rods and the like.  So instead of charging you, we get sponsors to pay for you.  (And we have to pay the team who creates all those emails we send you.  Right?)

The Bottom Line
In the end, we can say that we've been doing this for over 1,500 events over 12 years, starting when we had 400 members at the end of 2008.  Bob Pike was, very generously, our 2nd guest speaker and Jay Cross was kind enough to be our 3rd, with so many other wonderful speakers between then and now.  We've paid close attention and analyzed results 'til the cows come home.  We'd do it differently if it would work better, so that's why we're going to do eMail Personalization for you. 

Thanks for being a member.  We hope all the benefits we provide make the little inconvenience worth it while we work out kinks.