Signing in as "Guest"

Q:  To attend a webinar, I log in to TrainingMag Network with my username and password, then click Sign In for the webinar I'm attending.  So far, so good.  BUT then, I have to sign in again.  I try using my username and password again, but it isn't accepted.  The only way I can get in to the webinar is to click the "Guest" option and enter my name.
I'm worried that...
  • TMN has forgotten me
  • or that my password has expired
  • or that I won't get credit for attending

A:  You're doing everything just right!  On the confirmation page that popped up when you registered and that was emailed to you at the same moment, it describes this exact process.  Just follow the instructions.

Look at a confirmation:

And here's the example:

The key is:  You have entered TrainingMagNetwork and now need to enter the AdobeConnect meeting room, where you are a guest.

What you're doing is trying to enter your TMN username and password to get in to the webinar room.  But it isn't your account.  It's OUR (TMN's) account, so your login and password don't work there.  All you need is your name.

Think of it like driving in to a gated community.  You hold your passkey up to the sensor for the gate.  But when you get to your own home, you use your key to get in the door, right?  It's a different format for entry than the gate was.

We know, we know:  The login screen for the AdobeConnect  webinar room can be a little confusing.  We don't have any control over that.  It's Adobe's, not ours.  But then, that's why we explained it in advance.

Makes sense now?  If not, send us your suggestion on how to improve this page. (Not how to change the system.)

Q:  OK - but how do I know for sure that I'll get credit for attending?

A:  That's easy.  Click here