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Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.

The Chief Learning Architect of Training Magazine Network, Ray Jimenez, never missed the chance to both share his extraordinary knowledge, experience, and expertise and brainstorm new ideas with others in the L&D space.

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Ray was TrainingMagNetwork's most prolific presenter,
recording over 180 webinars for us to learn from.  

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Even before news of ChatGPT and a new cadre of AI products were publicly  announced, Ray was already blazing  new trails to help TMN members and the L&D Industry understand the revolution that was imminent.   In these recordings, you'll see Ray helping us understand why and how we needed to get on board to at least understand, if not adopt, the new methods and tools the world would learn about within a few short weeks.  changes that were imminent      Ray was one of the very first to evangelize about Gen AI's capabilities to revolutionize instructional design and L&D in general.

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As usual, Ray was far ahead of the L&D crowd when he wrote his first book, "3 Minute eLearning", and began evangelizing about it before the term "microlearning" became popular.

Watch these sessions to learn why microlearning is much more than breaking long boring lessons up into short boring bites but requires a completely different approach to instructional design and short, focused learning experiences designed for quick comprehension and immediate application. 
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Scenario-Based Learning is an instructional design approach that incorporates narrative elements into the learning process. Ray shows us why the use of stories in education and training has been recognized as an effective way to engage learners, enhance retention, and facilitate a deeper understanding of concepts.
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Ray's talent for creating lively and fun highly interactive virtual sessions will inspire you to reach deeper to develop virtual training that is more engaging than any you've seen before. 

Ray's style and mastery of resources exemplifies how to leverage online platforms to deliver educational content remotely. Utilizing interactive tools, multimedia, and engagement strategies, it enables participants to learn from any location with internet access. 
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In a general sense, Workflow Learning is an approach that aligns learning with the daily tasks and responsibilities of individuals within an organization. It emphasizes providing learning resources and support at the point of need, integrating learning seamlessly into the workflow.  Ray shows us how to use technology, performance support tools, and other strategies to deliver timely and relevant information to support ongoing skill development.
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"Ugh!" is how most Instructional Designers, Presenters and - most importantly - Learners react when faced with the prospect of Compliance Training.  So how can we actually get people to comply if they're thinking of how bored they are instead of learning what they need to do?

Ray showed us dozens of techniques for making compliance training fun, lively, interesting, compelling and effective.  Here are 13 of Ray's recordings to help you create compliance training that learners don't hate.
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Ray Jimenez, Ph.D., addresses diverse topics in workplace learning, including instructional design, microlearning, performance support, and learning agility. His work emphasized practical solutions, engagement strategies, and leveraging technology for effective learning experiences. 
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