Creating & Printing Your Certificate of Participation

Training Mag Network does not issue credits, PDUs, etc.  That's done by organizations like HRCI, SHRM and others.  At TMN we provide a tool (the Insights widget) to help you create a certificate that proves your participation (not mere attendance) in learning opportunities.

Using the certificate, you can then apply for credit from the organization.  (Or send to your manager, HR, etc.)  Then the organization decides whether to approve your request.  

To prove your participation in any TrainingMagNetwork learning event, create and print your Certificate of Participation.
  • You can print your insights and certificates for live webinars, recorded webinars, white papers, eBooks and even conference sessions.
  • To print or save, you must first create your certificate:  Enter what you learned and click SubmitThen the printer icon will appear.
Once the pdf of the certificate is saved to your desktop, send it off to your manager, to HR or save in your portfolio folder.  

Video Demonstration

Click here to view a recording of how to create your certificate. 
Or see below.

How to Make a Certificate for ANY Webinar:
Start Your Certificate with the Insights widget

On the left side of the page when you registered or signed in to the webinar...
  • Click the blue Insights tab
  • Then click Add Insights
  • Create your certificate:  Enter your insights, inspirations and takeaways from the session.  (As much or as little as you like)

Print Your Certificate:
  • Click Submit and the print icon will appear
  • Click the print icon