Sharing Your Insights - Receive Credit for Your Learning, Past and Present

Yes!   You can receive credit for participating in and learning from Training Mag Network live webinars, recorded webinars, white papers and other resources.    

The certificate is not ready when you start. A certificate of attendance is meaningless. 
To prove you participated and learned, you'll need to list what you learned.  List as much or as little as you like.  

Create Your Certificate

You'll need to log in to Training Mag Network.  Then...

  1. Click your event, recording or resource
  2. Click the blue Insights tab on the left of the page.  Click Add Insight
  3. Fill out the simple formList what you learned (your "Insights") 
  4. Don't forget to enable sharing to the community, peers, leaders & friends. Then Submit.


You'll be able to save/print a certificate of participation and send to your manager, HR etc..

Your Insights will be linked to your profile and shown in Shared Insights section on the page.


Claiming credit for p-a-s-t webinars, recordings, white papers, etc.

You've participated in past events and would like credit for what you learned in those?  No problem.

Just go to the archived event or resource, click the item and click the Insights widget.  then add your thoughts.

For example, for a webinar you've attended, just go to the webinar archive.  Remember that you can use Search and Advanced Search to locate your event by title, keyword, speaker name, etc.

To get started, click here or use the navitation bar above.


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How can I print or save my credit to my computer?  I'd like to email it to my boss.

Click the Printer icon in the upper right corner of the Add/Update Insight pop-out.
For more information click here.


Can I add my insight later, after I've had a chance to reflect? 

Yes - Just log back in and click the event, then Add Insight.  You'll notice the opportunity to Add Insight.


Do I need to wait until after an event to record my insights?  

No - In fact, we recommend that you launch the Insights widget as webinars and recordings start or ask you start reviewing a whitepaper, eBook, etc.  Use it like a notepad to capture those Ah-Ha! thoughts that inspire you.


What's the purpose of sharing my insights? 

Learning from each other is what social learning is all about.  We all have different perspectives and can gain from learning how others apply the information they glean.  It's also useful to see whether others learned from a resource we haven't yet investigated.  And think about this:  What happens when you share your insights with your colleagues and managers?  How will it affect their perceptions of you and your engagement?


Can I receive credit for anything other than webinars?  

Certainly.  You can earn credit for sharing insights you gain from white papers, eBooks, articles, reports, surveys, assessments, courses, worshops, conferences and conferences sessions, keynotes, collaboration with other members as well as our live and recorded webinars.


Is this credit like PDUs or  similar programs in other organizations?  

Other organizations' programs and requirements are always changing, so we can't say for sure.  In most cases, probably so.  What we can say for sure is that you'll be able to print a certificate of proof that you participated and learned.  If providing that to another organization satisfies their required for proof that you attended an event, then you're in business.


Other questions?  

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