1. TMN Overview 

  • New TMN Overview Features
  • Webinars, recordings, groups, resources, Path2X, etc.


2. Pinpoint Interactive Webinars 

  • Best of the Best webinar recordings
  • Search, table of contents, links, chat, annotations, handouts, etc.


3. Special features 

  • Path2X Evidence-Based Certifications
  • Reflections with the Masters 
  • eLearning Labs


4. New TMN Membership 

  • Four levels: Basic Free, Standard, Advance and Premium


5. Path2X – Insights 

  • Why add insights, establishing a trend of your expertise and skills


6. Activities 

  • Records from webinars, recordings, white papers – the history of your 
    activities in TMN, now linked to your study and path to expertise development


7. Discovery 

  • Featuring over 50, 000 blogs, white papers, references, files, videos, etc
  • Search, answers, interests, insights
  • Follow prompt questions, pre-searched, pre-researched


8. Expertise  

  • Record your insights
  • Look at Path to Expertise areas
  • Easy details of categories
  • Link to building our interests, studies and skill development


9. Share 

  • Stand out from others
  • Share your Path2X progress report with leaders and bosses, friends and peers
  • Ask them to comment
  • Announce and showcase your capacities and capabilities


10. eMagazine 

  • Stay in tune, be updated with news, blogs, new webinars, etc.
  • Customize your eMagazine
  • Build a digest of your interest areas and reports


11. Widgets – Quick Navigation 

  • Easy way to access all knowledge sources
  • Add insights instantly as you see it happen and discover