What is TMN?

Training Magazine Network is a platform for social learning and networking, as well as for the exchange of ideas and resources among global learning professionals and thought leaders.




How can I become a member of TMN?

You need to register and provide valid contact information about yourself and your organization.


What are the different types of membership?

Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Premium. 


What are the benefits of each type of membership?

The features and benefits available depend on the type of membership. You can refer to this list.


What are the validity periods of the membership subscriptions?

Basic Memberships are for an indefinite period of time and are effective until terminated by the member or TMN.  Paid memberships are effective for one-year.  At the end of the one year term, the membership is renewed, canceled, or downgraded to the Basic level.


Is my membership transferable or refundable?

Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.


How do I contact TMN membership support?

Go to http://www.trainingmagnetwork.com. Click Contact Us  in the menu and then click the Contact Us icon. 


Can I share or distribute copies of the materials available to me as a member?

No, all materials provided to members are for the sole use of the registered member. Duplication or redistribution by any means is strictly forbidden without written authorization from Training Magazine Network.


What happens to my membership if I leave my company?

For individual memberships, your membership follows you. You just need to ensure that your contact information is updated.

For Corporate-paid membership, the ownership stays with your previous employer.


Can I terminate my membership?

You may terminate your membership at any time by logging into your account and choosing the cancellation option or by calling customer support.  If you terminate your account, you will remain obligated to pay all outstanding fees and charges, if any, relating to your use of the product or service incurred before termination.


Can TMN terminate my membership?

TMN may immediately terminate your account, with subsequent notification, if TMN reasonably believes that your account is being used to engage in activity that violates applicable law or any provision of these Terms. In such event, you will not be entitled to any refund of prepaid fees for membership subscriptions and/or services that have not yet been provided.


Fees and Payment Procedures


How much are the annual fees for the different types of membership?

Basic Membership is free, Standard Membership  $95 per year, Advanced Membership is $495 per year, and Premium Membership is $1,495 per year.


When do I need to pay the membership fee?

If you are applying for the Standard, Advanced, and Premium membership subscriptions, you are required to pay all applicable membership fees within 30 days, or membership may be suspended until payment is received.


What payment options do I have? 

Interested members can pay through check or credit card. 


Will I be provided an invoice upon payment of my membership subscription?

Yes, an invoice will be provided after payment is made.


Access and Personal Information


Can I share my TMN member ID and password?

No, you cannot share your TMN member ID and password since membership is individual and sharing this information may pose a threat to your security and privacy as a TMN member. 


How do I update my personal information?

Members can log in and update their personal information in the profile page as necessary.


What about information such as credit card number?

Sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, required for commercial transactions, are encrypted prior to transmission.


Features, Benefits, and Resources


What are Pinpoint Interactive Videos?

Pinpoint Interactive Videos are recorded webinars that have easy-to-use features such as a table of contents, search, annotations, chat, and others.


What is Path2X?

Path2X or Path to Expertise is a learning program where TMN members are given access to blogs, webinars, articles, and other learning content which they can study and review, and which allow members to track their learning progress. They can also share their learning progress with their peers, supervisors, and management.


What are Hall of Fame White Papers?

Hall of Fame White papers are essays that contain the best sources of information on learning topics that will allow TMN members to implement best practices in their respective organizations.


What is Training Magazine Digital?

Training Magazine Digital is the online version of Training magazines’s official publication. TMN members will be able to preview six issues annually.


What are Research Reports?

Research Reports will provide members with insights on how organizations with the most successful learning and development programs implement various initiatives.


What are eLearning Labs/Programs?

eLearning programs feature top-quality eLearning courses from the finest content development firms in the United States. These will showcase eLearning content with high-quality design and production value. 


What are Leadership Studies?

Leadership Studies are findings and insights from global leadership surveys that will allow TMN members to make better and more informative business decisions. 


What is the Masters Series?

The Masters Series is a series of one- to two-hour small group interactive sessions conducted over a two-week period that enable members to share information, reflect, and interact with inspiring thought leaders and their own peers. This is available to Standard, Advanced, and Premium members.


What is the Annual Salary Survey?

The Annual Salary Survey is a report that presents trends in pay for eLearning professionals. TMN members will get valuable information on global and regional salary trends and data.


What other resources are available to TMN members?

TMN members will also be able to access the following:

  • Webinar archive
  • Training Magazine articles and blogs
  • Online Learning Conference
  • Path2X Evidence-Based Certification
  • Live + Online Certificate Programs, among others