You'll find everything you need easily accessible using the "Home" page, the top red menu ribbon, the direct access category title bars, the quick find area or the bottom of the home page's footer.  Enjoy our website and visit often, happy learning! 
Home Page
  • The best place to start is the "Home" page.  Here you'll find all of the great things that are happening at Training Magazine Network.  
The Red Navigation Bar 
The red navigation bar on the top of the page will give you the option to view: 
  • "Profile" see what you've registered for, what resources you've used or update your information with us.
  • "Groups" let you join in on the discussion with other members, speakers, subject matter experts and trainers.  Find a group you'd like to join and select "Join" to get things started. 
  • "Events" is where you'll find the Calendar of Events, our webinar Recordings and you can also Search for a resource.  
  • "Resources" is your path to the wealth of White Papers, eBooks and Story Based Design information
  • "Contact Us" will take you to our support page packed with helpful hints and will also give you the option to contact support if you need more help.
  • "More" will offer you information about Training Magazine Network, our Frequently Asked Questions page and a way to Logout. 
  • Don't forget to check out all of the sub menu items like Training Conference, Online Learning Conference, Live+Online, Training Mag Events and more about Training Magazine. 


Direct Access Category Titles  
  • You can click on the Direct Access Category Title Bar area to get quickly to the area described.  
  • You'll also see on the right the Quick Find Area where you can easily access Calendar of Free Webinars, Recorded Webinar Archive, or FREE White Papers. 


The Footer Area (Bottom of the Home Page)


  • On the bottom of the Home Page you'd find the footer area and access to key menu bar items and more about us and our policies.