Facilitative Training Skills:
Creating the Dynamic Learning Experience


CMF, CPF, Leadership Strategies, Inc.
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Even experienced training leaders will find themselves standing before groups whose dynamics are all over the board. Everyone has an opinion, some appear checked out, varying learning styles must be considered, and you’ve got to address difficult questions thrown at you at warp speed. Wouldn’t it be great to have the tools to (re)gain control of the room every time?

In these power-packed 60 minutes with CEO, seasoned trainer, and Certified Master Facilitator – Michael Wilkinson – you will learn group facilitation techniques to create a dynamic experience for your learners – while navigating through disruptive challenges in most learning environments. Learn cutting-edge methods designed to make your training even more engaging. These proven techniques will transform the way your audience receives and applies your training.

Whether you are a training manager, a subject matter expert who relays information, or a talent development professional who regularly leads training sessions, you will uncover practical ways to powerfully influence group learning.

Learn how to:
  • Apply leading facilitation skills to your training
  • Discover new engagement strategies
  • Utilize fresh instructional methods
  • Prevent dysfunction during your session
  • Confirm knowledge transfer

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About Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson is the Founder and CEO of Leadership Strategies, Inc. – the leading facilitation training and strategy consulting firm in the U.S. specializing in group facilitation.  Considered a national leader in the facilitation industry, Michael is the author of bestseller The Secrets of Facilitation, The Executive Guide to Facilitating Strategy, and CLICK: The Virtual Meetings Book.  He is a board member of the International Institute for Facilitation and founder of the FindaFacilitator Database.  He was one of the first five Certified Master Facilitators in North America and named Facilitator of the Year in 2003 by the Southeast Association of Facilitators.  Prior to Leadership Strategies, Michael spent six years with ADP and eight years in the information technology practice of Ernst & Young's Management Consulting Group.  He is a High Honors graduate from Dartmouth and resides with his wife and two children in Atlanta, Georgia.

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