Training Videos: What Do Learners Want From Them?


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In 2013 TechSmith ran a study with 1900 participants to learn more about video viewer preferences and what attributes make for effective videos. During 2016, TechSmith conducted follow-up research to see how these views have changed over the last several years as video has become more prevalent and more widely used.

In addition to presenting the results of the research, practical ideas and tips will be given how to improve videos and overall engagement. For instance, what’s the role of humor? How do visuals impact learning? How important is high quality audio?

Corporate and educational videos can and need to be better. With the generational shift and more people using video on a much regular basis, the need to ensure that video content is meeting its mark is more important than ever. This session, will help attendees be better able to achieve their goals, while still creating engaging content.

Note: There are two gaps in the audio of this recording, one short, the other longer.  We are editing but making this version available for you while we do.

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About Matt Pierce

Matthew Pierce, a customer support manager for TechSmith Corporation, currently leads the user assistance team, customer success, and sales engineering teams. Prior to this, Matt managed public relations, social media, and video teams at TechSmith. He has also been an instructional designer. Matt regularly contributes to several online publications in the US and UK. He has an MS in instructional technology from Indiana University.

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