How The Cloud and Virtual Training are Changing the LMS


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Learning-by-doing is the key to technical training.  But, technical training is evolving as there is more demand for modularized content, self-paced labs, and virtual participation.  

The session will address these important and timely new issues:
  • How to deliver in these new formats without compromising the hands-on experience
  • How to combine hands-on technical training with your learning management system so labs can be integrated with curriculum in seconds, without constraints
  • How to alter existing technical training to increase revenue and cut costs for the company
Join this session to learn how an integrated LMS – Virtual Training Lab solution can answer these questions.

About Seth Payne

Seth Payne has over 17 years of experience developing technology solutions to meet business needs.  Since 2010 Seth has been an evangelist for the use of cloud computing in capital markets, software development, and technical training.

About Christine Olsen

For over 19 years Christine Olsen has helped organizations understand how technology can help meet their business needs.  In recent years she has focused on cloud computing, as both a consumer and provider.

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