Liven up! How to Bring Your Online, On-Demand Training Content to Life with Video


Kirstin lynde
Founder, Catalyze Associates
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An increasing number of organizations are turning to technology for on-demand learning to supplement their live learning programs. Geographic dispersion and cost management pressures drive this trend, along with a recognition that just-in-time learning mechanisms can provide more timely, more motivated learning precisely when it's needed, increasing motivation and knowledge retention.
But it can be tricky to build cost-effectively on-demand content cost-effectively that truly engages. Why? On-demand training modules frequently lack “charisma” due to software or cost constraints.

Organizations can inject more of the dynamism and power of live training into on-demand learning content by injecting the full personalities of their best trainers/experts into on-demand learning. They can do this by employing one of the new video-based online presentation tools that allows trainees to see not just PowerPoint slides, but also their presenters in a separate but simultaneously playing window, and which supplement that presentation with just-in-time footnotes and virtual handouts. This mimics and even can exceed the experience of real-life presentations, greatly enhancing the online learning experience.

In this fast-moving hour, Kirstin Lynde of Randstad Professionals and Michael Kolowich of KnowledgeVision explain and show the basics of bringing an on-demand training content initiative to life. Readers will also learn:
  • How to convince your organization to go down this path
  • The essentials of selecting the right software tool, and how to get started with it
  • Tips for putting presenters at ease when being recorded for future training consumption
  • How these tools can fit into your Learning Management System
  • What the classic mistakes are, and how to avoid them so that your program shines

About Kirstin Lynde

Kirstin Lynde is founder and principal of Catalyze Associates, which designs and delivers leadership development programs for companies across North America.  Prior to starting Catalyze, she led internal learning and development teams at Digitas, Randstad USA, Forrester Research, and Ropes & Gray.  Reach Kirstin at 

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