Pulling Learners to Your Content: How to Make it Work


Founder and President, InSync Training
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The Role of Environment, Microlearning, and Social Collaborative Tools

In a recent session titled HOW TO ENGAGE MODERN LEARNERS: WHEN TO "PUSH' AND WHEN TO "PULL",  we discussed when we should embed “Pull Learning” content into the flow of work. That discussion was grounded in the principles of Modern Workplace Learning, and I suggested that considering the 5 Moments of Learning Need was a good way to determine when pull learning was most appropriate.  While formal ‘push’ training is often best for when people are learning something new, and for when things change, a strong argument can be made that ‘pull’ learning lends itself to the following moments of need:

  • When learners need to build on concepts that they learned in a more formal training environment
  • When they need to apply what they’ve learned
  • When things go wrong
We need to anticipate these moments of need, and embed accessible content so workers can constantly learn when it is most appropriate for them.

All very nice, but academic unless we can actually make it work. This session will build on the previous discussion by providing examples of how to make pull learning work in different learning environments and in different moments of need. We will discuss:

  • How do we design pull learning for specific learning environments? Specifically, how is the pull learning environment impacted when working at your desk as opposed to learning on-the-go?
  • When are microlearning technique most appropriate, and how to format like video, infographics, and short e-learning modules support different situations and moments of need?
  • What role do social collaborative technologies play in a pull learning environment, and when should we encourage informal collaborative learning?
A theme throughout the discussion will be building a culture of trust: learners need to trust that the content is available to them when they need it, and also need to believe that social collaborative interactions will result in reliable content in a timely way. Once these ideas all come together, will be well on our way to moving from traditional training culture to a more modern learning culture.

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About Jennifer Hofmann

Jennifer Hofmann, mastermind behind virtual classroom best practices and blended learning pioneer, is Founder and President of InSync Training. Her entirely virtual consulting firm specializes in the design and delivery of engaging, innovative, and effective modern blended learning. Under Jennifer’s expert leadership, Inc. 500|5000 named InSync training the 10th Fastest Growing Education Company in the U.S. in 2013, the 20th Fastest Growing Education Company in 2014, and to their Inc. 5000 list for four consecutive years. Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, Forbes Most Powerful Women Issue, The NativeAdVantage, and Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses have all recognized her entrepreneurial drive. Jennifer has written, and contributed to, a number of well-received and highly-regarded books including: The Synchronous Trainer’s Survival Guide: Facilitating Successful Live Online Courses, Meetings, and Events, Live and Online!: Tips, Techniques, and Ready to Use Activities for the Virtual Classroom, and Tailored Learning: Designing the Blend That Fits with Dr. Nanette Miner. In 2017, The Association for Talent Development (ATD) will release her book Blended Learning: What Works.

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