From Boss to Coach:
Turning Great Sales Managers into Great Coaches


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Master Facilitator, Integrity Solutions
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Partner, Consultant, and Executive Coach
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Belief drives behavior! Success in sales doesn’t just happen because someone follows a mechanical set of process-driven rules. It begins within the head and heart of the salesperson. The challenge today is that most sales managers aren’t equipped to understand or address these internal drivers/barriers, much less engage in a meaningful conversation about them with their reps. Unfortunately, that can lead to sales leaders to ignore the emotional side of selling and end up with an anemic sales team or a revolving door of talent. 

In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn how managers can shift their coaching mindset from one of catching mistakes and solving problems to one of developing confidence, instilling a sense of ownership and maximizing reps’ potential. We’ll explore the deeper, often-overlooked performance-influencing factors and provide tangible coaching strategies to help managers coach their salespeople to new levels of success. You’ll leave with a practical roadmap for building a sales coaching culture that unleashes inner potential and drives business results.

You’ll learn:

  • Five key questions for assessing a manager’s skill and will to become a more effective sales coach
  • The factors that influence salesperson success and how these tie to the manager’s role as a coach and a leader
  • An easy-to-apply model for shifting the managers’ coaching mindset and closing the gaps that limit their leadership effectiveness
  • How managers can expand belief boundaries - their own and their reps’ - to unleash achievement drive and foster a culture of accountability, problem-solving and continuous improvement

About Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher is a highly experienced Master Facilitator for Integrity Solutions as well as the Chief Sales Officer for Sales Bullpen, an Integrity Solutions Business Associate. He began his 25+ year career in sales as a college student, selling books door-to-door in the summers. He was consistently a top salesperson among several thousand students. Since that time, he has spent his entire career in direct sales, sales management and sales training and consulting. His energetic and engaging facilitation style is filled with practical insights and ideas drawn from personal and professional experiences “in the trenches.” For the past 20 years he has facilitated Integrity Selling and Integrity Coaching training for a diverse group of clients across industries includes medical devices, banking, manufacturing and more. Mike resides in the Nashville, TN area with his wife and two children.

About Derek Roberts

Derek Roberts is a consultant, executive coach, and professional speaker who has worked closely with organizations in a diverse range of businesses to increase sales and enhance employee performance. A partner and principle owner with Integrity Solutions and leader of the strategic consulting and training firm Roberts Business Group, Derek has a proven record of success that includes leading companies and business units in the technology, manufacturing, and service sectors. 

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