How Long Does eLearning Take to Create?


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    Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
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This webinar looks at how long it takes to create elearning courses. What are the main factors which drive development schedules and extend or compress timescales? Some of the influences we will consider are:

  • How the length and treatment of content affect the time it takes
  • The role of technological choices
  • The influence of stakeholders at different stages on the development cycle
  • Rapid development processes in comparison with more structured development cycles
  • Developing in-house versus sub-contracting - is it a simple make or buy decision?

Don’t miss this chance to make sure the effort you’re putting into elearning course development is time well spent.

During the live session, members were very active in the chat with many valuable ideas and resources being exchanged there. Click the file below to download the raw chat transcript.

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About Tom DiMartini

After 16 years of designing and delivering classroom and computer-based instructor-led training within the American school, finance, legal, non-profit, sales and technical settings, Tom made a career shift to eLearning design and development.

This shift has extended Tom’s Instructional Design and Development reach to a global level with various projects taking him to Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Canada. Now he finds himself Head of Cursim, the Instructional Design and Development arm of Omniplex, overseeing a team of creative and talented content design and development professionals.

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