Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges of Video Training


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VP, Technical Evangelism, Panopto
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Video is a unique beast. It’s more engaging than a training manual, but it’s a pain to record and produce. It helps you scale your training worldwide, but it can bog down your corporate network. It’s a great solution for mLearning, except when it’s incompatible with employees’ devices. And it’s ideal for just-in-time learning, if only it could be effectively searched.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how advances in video technology are helping L&D teams overcome the 5 biggest challenges of video-based training.

About Ari Bixhorn

Ari Bixhorn heads Technical Evangelism at Panopto. In this role, Ari is responsible for driving awareness and understanding of Panopto’s enterprise video platform. Prior to Panopto, Ari worked at Microsoft Corporation for 12 years, writing speeches for CEO Steve Ballmer, leading business development in the Windows division, and driving product management efforts within the Developer Tools division. Ari studied Computer Science at Virginia Tech. He enjoys hiking, photography, snowboarding, and boxing

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