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OLC 2016 Chief Technology Officer, The Chapman Alliance
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Learning trends sound great conceptually; yet provide a myriad of challenges when putting them into action.  Come join us for this very unique event where you are part of the experience, either creating and/or observing application of important learning innovations, including:
  • mobile experience from a learner perspective
  • social/collaborative learning engagement
  • microlearning (modular learning content)
  • analytics
  • motivation and engagement through gamification

During this unique webinar event, we'll explore current best practices across these challenging concepts AND most importantly, set the foundation for an upcoming design challenge competition open to all participants including learning technology vendors, learning design service providers and individuals.  Participants will create and showcase their approach to a contextual scenario in any of the categories (listed above).  If you don't want to create a solution, that's alright.  We also need judges for the competition to evaluate approaches throughout the summer of 2016, culminating with a grand event at 2016 Online Learning, September 20-22 in Chicago. 

Why are we doing this?  We hope this event will be a great learning experience for all involved.  Although learning professionals can occasionally find examples of best practices (e.g. mobile, social, etc.) it's hard, if not impossible, to find multiple approaches/options to the same scenario with side-by-side comparisons, which we hope to share with everyone both during and after the event.  Don't miss out on being a part of this landmark event.

About Bryan Chapman

Bryan Chapman has been an active fixture at Training magazine's annual Training Conference & Expo and Online Learning Conference; hosting more than a dozen vendor shootouts, conducting hands-on labs, running experimental learning sessions, assembling metadata analysis of Training Top 125 award winners, and serving as a keynote speaker for Online Learning Asia and Online Learning Europe. For several years, he wrote a popular advice column in Training magazine called "Ask Bryan," answering questions about how to best position and leverage innovative learning technologies in daily practice. By day, Bryan is chief learning strategist for Chapman Alliance, a provider of research-centric consulting solutions that assist organizations in defining, operating and optimizing their strategic learning initiatives; working for such groups as American Express, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Shell, IBM, Microsoft, Home Depot and the American Red Cross.


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