The Art of Executive Reporting


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Sr. Consultant, Corporate Executive Board
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All roads lead to an executive.  Have you ever had to share information with an executive and wondered if what you put together was effective?  Whether it’s a funding decision or communicating the value of a training program, it’s critical to be able to effectively communicate information to tell your story.  The methods you use to communicate can make or break your message and potentially impact your results. 

This session will focus on:

  • Effectively engaging with an executive
  • Understanding what’s important to them (KPI Identification)
  • Identifying the best way to communicate information
  • Visualizing data and telling the story you want to tell

CEB is well versed on engaging and reporting to executives, and the best part is that much of this content can be applicable to any stakeholder.  We look forward to helping you develop your skills in this area!

About Chris LeBrun

Chris joined CEB-Metrics that Matter in 2008 and has over 15 years of experience in program management within the private and not-for-profit sectors.  Chris has a passion for talent and as a Senior Consultant for CEB-Metrics that Matter, he works with clients to assist with the enablement and execution of talent measurement strategies designed to drive positive business outcomes.  Chris has done extensive work in the areas of strategy development and visioning, KPI identification and prioritization, survey/assessment design, dashboard and data visualization, employee engagement, as well as working on award winning corporate university applications.

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