Microlearning and Proven Methods That Facilitate the Ongoing Learning Process


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President and CEO, BizLibrary
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Delivering learning to employees is only the first key step in improving performance. Employees have to retain the gains in knowledge and skill, or the time, energy and effort that went into the program was for nothing – wasted.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 87 percent of teachers said technology is creating an “easily distracted generation with short attention spans.”

The challenge for many organizations and professionals is that we focus so intently on developing employee learning resources, we overlook the importance whether our employees retain any of what they learn. As it turns out, reinforcement of lessons learned is a powerful part of learning and vitally important.

Recent research is helping us learn more about exactly what reinforcement methods really work, and why.

In this session, Dean Pichee, CEO of BizLibrary and training industry veteran, discusses “the forgetting curve” and methods, techniques and tools (including video) that can reverse the forgetting curve and lead directly to much higher returns on investments in improved performance.

You’ll leave this webinar with actionable steps you can take to increase learning retention and overall performance in your organization.

About Dean Pichee

Dean Pichee founded BizLibrary in 1996, to provide affordable, high-quality, training resources to small and mid-sized organizations across all industries.

Prior to founding BizLibrary, Dean founded and sold Capital Training Company, a training solutions provider for banks and financial institutions. Before founding Capital Training Company, Pichee served as the Vice President for Bankers Training, also a training provider for the financial training industry.

Dean has served on the board of directors of leading trade associations for learning providers, including the Digital Learning Organization, and its predecessor, Training Media Association. He has also served on the board for the ALS Society of St. Louis. Dean earned a business degree from Washington University.

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