Do You Write Like a Leader?


Elizabeth martin
Instructional Quality Manager, Better Communications
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Companies spend huge sums to develop leaders, but neglect their writing. For many, writing will be the roadblock that prevents them from advancing. The truth is that as a leader, you spend precious time making your e-mail messages and reports reflect your hard-earned leadership skills. Are you using the latest writing strategies to distinguish yourself as a leader and influence corporate culture? Are you modeling reader-centered writing to drive outcomes—to make writing an asset rather than a drain?

Elizabeth Martin, the Instructional Quality Manager of Better Communications, will kick off this session targeted specifically to the writing strategies that support leadership growth and success. She will present content focused on these three leadership traps:

  • Leadership matador: Being evasive
  • Hiding the keys: Giving hidden or unclear action requests
  • Leaders as bad cops: Being too critical in writing


You will leave with a new vision of how to:

  1. Use writing as a strategic tool
  2. Write for action—accelerate change
  3. Handle sensitive issues appropriately


Learn the latest strategies to distinguish your leadership brand. As Nitin Nohria, Dean of Harvard Business School, says, “Communication is the real work of leadership.”

About Elizabeth Martin

Elizabeth is the Instructional Quality Manager at Better Communications®; she designs, develops, and produces learning materials, leads the editorial team, manages new facilitator orientation and heads online learning development. 

Elizabeth leads Better Communications’ in-person and online workshops, and she has taught literature and ESL writing for high school and college students.  While working for an education research and development not-for-profit corporation, Elizabeth wrote and edited formative evaluation reports for comprehensive school reform programs. She has also done freelance writing and reporting for daily newspapers. In addition, Elizabeth has written catalogs and educational posters.  

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