Experience is the Best Teacher - Capturing and Deploying Experience using Simulations and Immersive Learning Techniques


Managing Director, NexLearn
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When hiring a new employee or promoting someone from within, most organizations look for experience appropriate to the position and responsibilities. Although skills are an important part of the requirements, experience often trumps skills because it is essential that the candidate be able to utilize those skills in context applying both experience and critical thinking to the situation.

Organizations typically use training strategies to improve performance which are built on instructional design techniques. When experience is required and the issues are contextual and therefore require critical judgment to effectively address, instruction is not enough. In this workshop, the speaker will demonstrate a methodology for capturing and ultimately deploying simulations which translate specific experience into learning modalities that engage the learner and help them apply the simulated experience to real-life situations. The result of this approach is that Simulations, once thought of as unrealistic because of cost and time, can become a key part of any organizations learning portfolio in a very practical manner.

About Ken Spero

Ken is the Managing Director of the new Immersive Learning University at NexLearn. In this role, he is able to continue his efforts to make Immersive Learning Simulations more available to the masses. Recently, Ken merged his company, Humentum, with NexLearn so that he could continue his work in Experience Design with more robust resources and tools. Ken has focused his efforts, in his 22 years in the field, on helping organizations do a better job of critical thinking and decision-making. Recently, he developed his ideas into a module called Experience Design and Simulation Technology that he teaches as part of the Work Based Learning Leadership Doctoral program offered by the Graduate School of Education and in association with Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a frequent speaker at Learning Conferences in the areas of Experiential Learning, Experience Design and Simulation. Ken earned his MBA from Columbia University and his undergraduate degree in Management Science from Case Western Reserve University

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