Building Apps Without Coding for Use in Training


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Author, Curriculum Manager at Plex Systems, Inc.
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The explosion of apps is undeniable.  Is there any use for apps in your training?  There certainly is a good case for it.  And even if with a good case to use  apps in your learning and training delivery, could you even create one yourself?  Sophisticated app production can cost thousands of dollars and take months.  There is an option to build simple apps for free and no coding knowledge required.  

Neal Rowland will show you how to create an app and have it ready to publish, if you choose to, by the end of the 3 hour hands on session at the Training Magazine conference in Orlando in February.  For now, in this session,  see what is possible with your app and some things to consider in developing your own apps.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you may wish to build apps for your training needs
  • Possibilities for using apps in various training situations
  • Resources to build your own apps with no coding required

About Neal Rowland

Neal Rowland is an instructor, author, instructional designer and technically an app developer too.  Even with little or no programming skill, Neal has developed in house training apps as well as apps available worldwide in the Microsoft Store.  Here is one such example Drawn Out Project Management.

Neal currently works at Plex, a manufacturing software company in the Detroit area, as well as freelancing in course development, delivery, and content creation.  Most of his work is in project management, IT service management, and agile project management.  He was a contributor to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK), the international standard of project management. He was exposed to the idea of building apps during his tenure at Microsoft in Redmond.


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