Developing Talent in the New World of Business


Senior Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc.
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The identity of leadership has changed. While traditional competencies such as integrity, vision, judgment and people development are still relevant, new business challenges with today's rapidly fluctuating global market require looking beyond the conventional. Organizations must be agile, they must be able to adapt and leverage technology to create an environment that allows high performers to grow professionally and, ultimately, develop new skills that will lead businesses into the future.

Claire Schooley will explore new leadership skills, competencies and how to develop leaders who have the attributes the business will need to remain competitive.

During this interactive webinar, you will learn:
  • New models for developing the next generation of leaders
  • The role of technology for these tech savvy future leaders
  • How new leaders must inspire and engage the workforce to drive high performance

About Claire Schooley

As a senior analyst, Claire supports the Business Process professional. She covers the strategy and technology associated with talent management including performance, succession planning, formal and informal learning, and recruiting. She also researches the effect of retiring workers and the new generation of workers on human capital management and development.

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