State of the Training Industry – A Grass Roots Look from the Employees’ Perspective


Chris osborn
Vice President of Organizational Strategy, BizLibrary
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During the summer of 2015, BizLibrary conducted a survey of employees in which we asked them about their perspective on their employers’ training programs.

There are several reports published each and every year about the state of the training industry. Each of them share one thing in common. Each of these reports data points developed by asking questions from the organizational perspective.

How do most other industries report on their health and vitality? Without exception, other industries asks their consumers about the products and services they develop and deliver, to gauge their own effectiveness and health. How much credibility would any of us give a report about the state of the cable industry, if the only people surveyed were the cable providers? Aren’t we really most interested in how the consumers of cable services feel?

For the BizLibrary survey, we asked three strategic questions and gathered over 1,800 responses:

  • How effective is your employer provided training program at teaching you new things?
  • How effective is your employer provided training program at improving your performance?
  • How effective is your employer provided training program at preparing you for the future?


In this webinar, we will summarize important findings from this data, including some data confirming what we know about some types of training delivery, as well as some surprising data that runs counter to many “State of the Industry” reports more widely available.

Consumers of training products and services are telling us some very important things, and it’s important that we listen. They are telling us in clear terms what they believe works and doesn’t, and some of the things that they tell us don’t work are the “tried and true” methods of training we typically rely upon. The survey data also reveals a lot of great information about content, length of training and effectiveness by job role.


About Chris Osborn

Chris Osborn is the Vice President of Organizational Strategy at BizLibrary, and he’s been a thought leader in the learning and learning technology space for many years. He is a proponent of a next generation of approaches to employee learning and development that encompasses technology and the requisite skills and core competencies for learning professionals in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment. BizLibrary is at the forefront of thought leadership in the area of next generation learning and learning content strategies and this thought leadership is being driven and directed under Chris’s guidance and leadership.


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