Doing the Impossible Through Training: Creating Culture Change


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An organization’s culture is a set of precedents, approaches that have worked in the past that get applied to the present.  Culture is dynamic, and it influences everything else about the workplace: perceptions, decisions, output, and stress levels.  Though it often feels like an immutable force, in reality it is nothing more than a set of behavioral patterns that has perpetuated over time throughout the human network of the workplace.  So, it can be changed...through training!

In anticipation of his "mini-sims" presentation at the 2016 Training Magazine conference, author and CEO Ed Muzio will show you how he uses training to do the impossible: create culture change.  You'll experience one of his mini-sims in a virtual format, and you'll see how a tiny little exercise can be leveraged to a systematic behavioral change.  In the process you'll have a little fun, and get a glimpse into how a little experience can go a long, long way. 

About Ed Muzio

Ed Muzio has been called “one of the planet’s clearest thinkers about management practice” – by someone who would know, the editor of a global management magazine. He’s a recognized leader in improving human performance through his analytical approach to culture change. Maybe that’s why one reviewer called his second award-winning book, Iterate, “a must read for CEO’s and leaders.”  

A regular guest on CBS, Ed works with Fortune 500 leaders and managers, individual practitioners, and everyone in between. He has been featured as a workplace dynamics expert in international media ranging from Fox News and The New York Post to Spirit Magazine and


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