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Marketing Director, Bottom-Line Performance
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Serious games have the potential to engage and motivate your learners... and to drive long-term retention of business-critical knowledge. But what does it take to make a game successful in your organization? Unfortunately, many game-based learning initiatives fail because they are not implemented or evaluated correctly. Fortunately, successful implementation starts with effective design.

This webinar explores how serious games can be linked to learning science to increase retention of product knowledge, policies, procedures, basic facts, and more. Then, we’ll explore four case studies from organizations that successfully implemented a serious game that drove business results. The commonalities from these "success stories" will be used to demonstrate seven actionable implementation tips that help make games more effective for learning.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How successful organizations use games for learning; we’ll explore four case studies to see how organizations use games today
  • Seven "keys to success" when implementing a serious game. Understand when a custom game is best for learning versus a game template
  • How learning science and games can be linked to drive retention of topics such as product knowledge, policies, and procedures

About Steven Boller

Steven Boller is the Marketing Director at Bottom-Line Performance. In this role, he gathers industry intelligence from hundreds of organizations interested in improving the performance of their employees through instructionally sound learning solutions and innovative approaches such as game-based learning and retention-driven learning strategies. He has authored over 100 educational articles both online for eLearning Industry, Bottom-Line Performance and Knowledge Guru and in print for the Life Science Trainer and Educator Network’s Focus Magazine.

Steven has delivered webinars for Chief Learning Officer Magazine and Training Magazine Network as well as presented at conferences such as ATD International, ATD TechKnowledge, the LTEN Annual Conference and DevLearn.  He assists with product strategy for the Knowledge Guru game-based learning platform, which won three 2014 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, including two "Gold" distinctions. Steven holds a BA degree from Xavier University, where he graduated Cum Laude.

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