Great Tips and Tricks for Captivate 8 and the All-New Captivate 9


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Captivate 9 has just been released and with it come a whole set of new features that will blow you away. In this session, Captivate master Joe Ganci  will show you a mix of tips and tricks you can use in both prior Captivate versions along with those you should know in Captivate 9!

Why not learn how the Captivate masters get their work done faster and how they are able to get Captivate to do things that most folks can't? If you use Captivate, you don't want to miss this session!

About Joe Ganci

Joe Ganci is widely considered a guru for his expertise in eLearning development and technology, and he consults with clients worldwide, creating eLearning modules and templates, often training personnel in their use and then making himself available to assist if necessary.

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