Leverage Video to Create High-Converting Sales Proposals


Troy stein tmn
Senior Enterprise Account Executive, TechSmith
Chad riddersen tmn
Founder, Deviate Labs / Chad Riddersen Consulting
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The standard, oral sales proposal is dead. Salespeople know it, and they’re increasingly turning to different presentation approaches as a result. But no matter the platform, it’s easy to forget that the content you develop isn’t just about you – it’s about your audience…their pain points, requests, questions, you name it. We know that prospects who receive tailored content are 40 percent more willing to buy. So, how can you develop a personalized proposal that will make every client feel like a big deal?

If you’re serious about getting (and keeping!) business, the answer is video. Video proposals are a way to pull potential clients into your office – even if just for a few minutes – all from the comfort of their own chair. And it’s as easy as pressing record. Don’t be worried about saying too much or saying too little. With video, you can control the message from start to stop so each influencer receives the right message.

In this session, hear from two seasoned sales professionals about how they leverage video to increase close rates and communicate more effectively with prospects and internal stakeholders. Key takeaways include:

  • The what, how and where of the current sales process
  • Ways to implement video/visuals in your campaigns
  • Sales video best practices

About Troy Stein

Troy Stein is a senior enterprise account executive at TechSmith Corp., a software company that provides practical business and academic solutions that change how people communicate and collaborate across devices. As a productivity geek, he works closely with large corporate customers to understand what they need, and in turn customizes TechSmith products and services in order to help them achieve it. Previously at TechSmith, Troy held the role of senior innovation strategist where he led a team of experienced product managers who explored the needs of non-customers. He was also a product manager himself, responsible for developing and growing various enterprise and education offerings. Troy holds an MBA in Marketing from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, as well as a Bachelor's of Science from Brigham Young University. While an avid fan of problem solving, he's even more passionate about his five kids, soccer and photography.

About Chad Riddersen

Chad Riddersen is the owner of Deviate Labs, a boutique "growth hacking" consulting agency. Prior to founding Deviate Labs, Chad worked at Deloitte and as a digital media investment banker where he helped: Qik raise $6 million before being acquired by Skype; Sometrics get acquired by American Express for $30 million; and LegalZoom (LGZ) raise $67 million before its IPO.

Chad currently runs digital marketing and customer acquisition for a number of companies from Shark Tank.  His clients include Lollaland (manufacturer of baby products), Kitchen Safe (manufacturer of a time-locking container for food), Talbott Teas (manufacturer of high-end tea blends that was acquired by Jamba Juice), Eco Nuts (manufacturer of organic cleaning products), and several others.

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