Micro-Video IS Training – Learn How to Make the Most of It


Chris osborn
Vice President of Organizational Strategy, BizLibrary
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In this session, you’ll learn about some of the latest emerging neuroscience and behavioral science about how humans really learn. What the empirical data tells us is there are amazing connections between the reality of learning and video, especially micro-video.  Some of what we think we know about human learning is simply mistaken. 
We’ll go over actual case studies and the findings proving how results change when learning practices are tied to the realities of human learning. 
In this session, we will go through some best practices tips and suggestions showing how you can leverage these amazing data-driven findings to improve the rates of employee learning in your organization, and by extension, drive ever higher levels of performance and business results.

About Chris Osborn

Chris Osborn is the Vice President of Organizational Strategy at BizLibrary, and he’s been a thought leader in the learning and learning technology space for many years. He is a proponent of a next generation of approaches to employee learning and development that encompasses technology and the requisite skills and core competencies for learning professionals in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment. BizLibrary is at the forefront of thought leadership in the area of next generation learning and learning content strategies and this thought leadership is being driven and directed under Chris’s guidance and leadership.

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