Building a Successful e-Learning Strategy


Management Consultant, Marc Rosenberg and Associates
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    Wed, Jan 05, 2011 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
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For all its hype, e-learning will never be successful without a supportive climate for learning, strong management support, a defensible business case and a training organization that isn't reticent about learning online.  Learn why e-learning succeeds only when it is backed by an organization-wide e-learning strategy.

This overview presentation will give you an understanding of the essence of a sound e-learning strategy, and you’ll be able to define its key components.  In addition, this session will introduce the growing importance of “learning 2.0,” and how it relates your emerging strategy, plus the value of building a sound learning culture to ensure your strategy is sustainable.

Finally, you’ll have the background to analyze your organization to determine where its e-learning strategy is faltering, and identify opportunities and priorities for enhancing it.

Key Topics Covered:
  • What is an e-learning strategy and why do we need one?
  • Basic sources and techniques for creating an e-learning strategy
  • E-learning strategy mistakes and benefits
  • Key focus points for an e-learning strategy
  • Make your e-learning strategy sustainable

About Marc Rosenberg

Dr. Marc J. Rosenberg is a leading management consultant, speaker and educator in the fields of training, organizational learning, e-learning, knowledge management and performance improvement. He is the author of the best-selling books, E-Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age (McGraw-Hill), and Beyond E-Learning: Approaches and Technologies to Enhance Organizational Knowledge, Learning and Performance (Pfeiffer). His monthly column, "Marc My Words," appears in the eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions online magazine. Marc is a past president of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), and holds a Ph.D. in instructional design, plus degrees in communications and marketing. He also holds the Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation from ISPI. Dr. Rosenberg has spoken at The White House, debated the future of e-learning at Oxford University, keynoted numerous professional and business conferences, authored more than 40 articles and book chapters in the field, and is a frequently quoted expert in major business and trade publications. He is an elected member of his local community's Board of Education. More information about Marc is available at

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