Onboarding Analytics:
Improve Retention, Performance and Hiring


Vice President, Client Success, Metrics That Matter
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For the average organization, it takes over 6 months for new hires’ contributions to payback the expense of recruiting and onboarding them. With some straightforward approaches to measuring the onboarding experience, training, and performance of new hires, organizations can significantly accelerate time to productivity and improve new hire retention.

In this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • The business case for investing in onboarding analytics
  • Simple, scalable approaches to measuring the onboarding experience and new hire training
  • The data-driven decisions that accelerate time to productivity, engagement and retention
  • How to loop the data back to improve quality of hire

About Jeff Grisenthwaite

Jeff Grisenthwaite oversees service and support to Metrics that Matter® customers, helping clients to optimize use of the technology and improve the impact of their workforce. Previously Jeff led the development of eLearning and customer training programs for DDC Training Services.

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