Teach Your Learners to Fish:
How Holistic Learning Makes Performance Gains Stick


Director of Learning Innovation, Grovo Learning
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    Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
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Investment in training for many organizations often results in a roller coaster effect: a temporary improvement in performance, followed by declines or learning plateaus. According to research published in Learning Solutions, 80% of what employees learn is forgotten within 30 days. Battling this up and down cycle has become a constant challenge for trainers. How do you replace incremental and fleeting increases in knowledge with lasting fluency that learners can call upon in real performance situations?

Holistic learning offers a solution to not only make these gains permanent, but also to give people the skills to continually improve their own performance. So stop feeding your learners, and teach them to fish instead. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The science and psychology behind why holistic learning works
  • How to design a holistic learning program, and why microlearning should be at the center
  • How to teach best practices and metacognitive strategies to give learners a 360º view of a topic
  • Why holistic learning saves time, money, and improves performance--permanently

About Alex Khurgin

Alex Khurgin is the Director of Learning Innovation at the workplace learning company, Grovo. A leader in the microlearning movement, Alex has played an integral role in developing Grovo's methodology, using science and psychology to engineer a learning experience for today's modern minds. He is also responsible for developing an internal learning culture at Grovo by facilitating a program for profressional development and self-directed learning for all employees.

Prior to Grovo, Alex developed next generation educational content at leading edtech company Knewton. Alex is among the industry's most passionate proponents of innovative enterprise learning and has presented his insights at conferences such as Techweek, DevLearn, ATD, CLO Innovators and more. Alex graduated with a BA in Philosophy from Amherst College and lives in New York City.


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