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Co-Founder and CEO, Vodeclic
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    Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
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They’re Massive, they’re Open, and they’re Online, and they’re getting lots of buzz. But of all the possibilities offered by MOOCs, the Corporate MOOC model stands out as a way to get real business impact and long-term results from social learning and innovative new technologies.

In this interactive webinar, Xavier Sillon, CEO of Vodeclic, will explore the disruptive power of Corporate MOOCs and the best practices for launching a Corporate MOOC to facilitate collaborative, ongoing learner engagement in today’s business world. 

You’ll discover how Corporate MOOCs, with their ability to combine video-based tutorials and lectures with social learning, communication, and community building, are changing the learning landscape and offering new ways to scale your development strategies and better address the needs of a diverse learning population.


  • Why MOOCs are gaining traction—and delivering results—in the business environment
  • How to incorporate MOOCs into your learning and development strategies
  • How to plan, design, and implement a successful Corporate MOOC that aligns with both business and learner needs
  • Cost-effective ways to launch a Corporate MOOC in a large, international enterprise


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About Xavier Sillon

Xavier Sillon is co-founder and CEO of Vodeclic, one of the leading online training solution provider for digital skills from Europe. He has spent the last 10 years designing training programs for desktop applications users. Xavier personally handles the success of Vodeclic in the US to ensure enterprises benefit from digital transformation by bridging digital skills gap.


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