Visual Sales Mastery: How Simple Sketches Can Help You Close Bigger, Faster Sales


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CEO, Drawing Out Your Genius
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Struggling to stand out, connect with, and be remembered by sales prospects?  

Believe it or not, a simple sketch can make all the difference!
  • Imagine being able to fast-forward your relationship with even the coldest prospects. 
  • Imagine conducting the most memorable and enjoyable sales calls they've ever had.
  • Imagine closing bigger engagements faster, with clients who feel like you're already working together.

You don't have to can DO it, once you discover how to Sketch to Sell(TM) When prospects see their own words, ideas and problems visualized, they're instantly captivated, and know you understand and care about *them*, NOT just about making a sale.  

In this workshop, .you will learn an EASY, finite, repeatable vocabulary of simple symbols and metaphors that resonate — even if you think you can't draw.  

When combined with your prospect's actual words and ideas, these allow you to build a custom, clear, co-created map of their needs, goals, and how your solution will help them.  

Whiteboarding with your prospect invites them to participate in and co-own the story of how you'll work a sale is just the natural next step.  

Presenting your visual notes after a call or including them in a proposal extends the memory of the conversation, reminds the prospect of their goals and commitments, makes your solution tangible, and positions it as the answer to their needs.  

We’ll cover the basics of sketching to sell, tech tools for doing this virtually, and also how and when to share your work with prospects to get them on the same page with you fast!

About Lisa Rothstein

Former Madison Avenue creative director Lisa Rothstein is an accomplished storyteller and a professional cartoonist featured in The New Yorker Magazine. Her company, Drawing Out Your Genius, uses visual and verbal storytelling to help leaders get understanding, engagement and buy-in. A popular speaker on visual communication and brand story, Lisa holds a degree in Semiotics from Brown University, is a Certified Virtual Facilitator (INIFIAC) Workshopper Master and Design Sprint facilitator (AJ&Smart), and a member of the National Cartoonists’ Society.

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