4 Key Things Executives Need to Know About AI


Shaun dippnall
Chief Delivery Officer, Sand Technologies
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    Thu, Jun 13, 2024 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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AI is rewriting the rules of business, even as enterprises themselves struggle to implement it. Executives are intrigued by AI's potential, but they often question how AI can truly work for them. Where can AI generate real business value? Where does – and doesn’t – it have tangible use cases? How can teams be set up to effectively deploy and manage it for long-term success?
This session demystifies AI by sharing not only how to understand AI, but how to strategically implement it. Topics covered will mirror the key questions executives face today:

What exactly is AI?
Unpack AI's core components and understand its real implications for your business

Where can AI be effectively applied?
Learn to identify use cases where AI can drive significant improvements in your organization

How can I successfully deploy AI?
Explore strategic approaches to roll out AI initiatives smoothly and efficiently

What does it take to manage AI projects?
Gain insights into managing AI projects that align with your business goals

About Shaun Dippnall

An actuary with a vision, Shaun has worked with enterprise AI for more than a decade because of his passion to change the world. In a previous life, he has held the positions of Chief Data Scientist, Chief Actuary and Business Analyst for various telecommunications companies and research consultancies.

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