Conscious Capitalism in the New Age of Leadership


Michelle maldonado
Assoc. VP, Corporate & Strategic Relationships, American Public University
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In today’s dynamic and multi-generational workplace, employees have high expectations for their leaders and their organizations.

They’re looking for organizations and leaders who not only operate to make a profit, but are driven by purpose.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The origins and emerging concepts of Conscious Capitalism
  • The four Conscious Capitalism principles that provide a guiding framework to support triple bottom line impact and employee engagement
  • Sample ways to integrate the practice of Conscious Capitalism across employee roles, functions and various stages of the professional lifecycle
  • Examples of organizations that have successfully implemented this framework

About Michelle L. Maldonado, J.D.

Michelle Maldonado is a former corporate & technology attorney turned business professional with over 18 years of experience across the non-profit, start-up, technology, online media and e-learning industries. She is an accomplished writer, conference presenter and workshop facilitator on the topics of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, Conscious Capitalism and other traditional and emerging practices that help form strong foundations for holistic and sustainable leadership. Michelle also serves as Associate Vice President of Corporate & Strategic Relationships for American Public University and is the creator and managing editor of Inspire – a thought leadership series to inspire individual and workplace transformation.© She is a mindful leadership practitioner, a founding member and Chief Strategist of Conscious Learning & Leadership Integration for the Washington, D.C. chapter of Conscious Capitalism and member of the NeuroLeadership Institute.

Michelle was recently awarded an honorary membership by the Golden Key International Honour Society for her integrative approach to leadership development and related work with professionals across academic and business communities. Her writings have been featured in leading talent and HR publications including Training, Chief Learning Officer, Leadership Excellence, e-Learning and Human Capital Insights as well as The EvoLLLution, Huffington Post and Inspire blog communities.

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